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Customer Success - Our Team for Your Success

Customer Success - Our Team for Your Success

By Wiebke Bortnik • March 13, 2017

You bought DocuWare! Of course we’re pleased with this, but we know we can’t rest on our laurels. With our new DocuWare Customer Success team, we want to make sure that you are satisfied with the solution and that everything is running even better than you expected. Anne Rutty, Director Global Customer Success, reports on her goals in an interview.

Product Blog: Ms. Rutty, there’s a lot that can fall under the heading “Customer Success.” What exactly do you do?
Anne Rutty: I manage a team of Customer Success professionals who reach out to DocuWare customers getting to know them and how they are using DocuWare. We ask how they are implementing the solution, their use case, and whether they are satisfied. We also help resolve any concerns.

PB: You have a lot to do – considering there are about 5,000 DocuWare customer companies in Americas alone! Are you focusing on specific users in your phone calls?
AR: Yes. After considering our first experiences we are now making sure to reach all new customers to get them off to a good start with the software and resources available to them.

During this first contact, we introduce ourselves as the software manufacturer and let customers know that we work together with our Authorized DocuWare Partners in assuring their experience with DocuWare rates high in satisfaction. We inform them of where they can find up-to-date information about DocuWare, i.e. product news, applications, help. For example, we mention the many tutorial videos, UserInfo newsletter and, of course, this blog.

At this point, they may or may not have already installed DocuWare or, might be in a particular launch-stage. If that’s the case, we talk about planning and implementation. If the users already have some experience with using the software we’ll talk a bit about how DocuWare has been running in the company, what went well and, if needed, about any challenges. We then gather this information, work with our Partners or discuss internally to determine what we can do better in the future.
Something exciting and new that we started on January 1st, of this year is to send a welcome pack to new customers which includes a thank you gift.

Anne Rutty, Director Global Customer Success DocuWarePB: Are customers taking the time needed for this kind of conversation?
AR: Most customers are happy to speak with us since they’ve made an investment in DocuWare. They appreciate that the manufacturer of the software is in partnership with their distributor and actually holds interest in their success. The majority of customers tell us they look forward to our follow-up call that we schedule for a few months later.

PB: What are the topics of the second conversation?
AR: The content can go in different directions: By then, the customers have now had a lot more experience with DocuWare. At this point, they are in the position to tell us about their applications and any additional functionality that would be helpful to them. We then pass these ideas on to the product development team.

Or it can also be the expansion of DocuWare within their company. Many begin by launching in the accounting department and gather their first experiences. We can then briefly describe how DocuWare is used in other departments and processes. If the customer shows interest, then of course it’s DocuWare Partners who would take care of expansions with the customer. We work hand-in-hand with DocuWare Partners to reach our goal of maximum customer satisfaction.

PB: So it’s a real customer service call?
AR: Yes, exactly. Customers can speak right to their issues. If we do not have all the answers at hand we can guide in getting the help they need from either their Sales Partner or our internal teams.

PB: Can customers actually ask for a phone call with you? Maybe even long-standing customers would be interested in a conversation like this in order to discuss up-to-date information.
AR: Yes, of course. Just a short mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and one of my team members will be calling!

PB: What do you like most about these customer conversations?
AR: It’s exciting to know that my team plays a key role in impacting satisfaction for so many DocuWare users. I like that we connect with customers along their DocuWare journey; whether it’s prior to installation and then a few months post installation; or during our annual call where we discuss end user experience and what it is that we can do to assure continued high levels of satisfaction.

Customer Success team members are passionate about customer satisfaction and it reflects in their conversations with customers across the globe.

PB: I wish you and your team many other interesting conversations! Thank you for the insight into your work.

Anne Rutty, Director Global Customer Success DocuWareAnne Rutty is nearly two years with DocuWare and responsible for the global Customer Success department. Together with her team members she increases with her commitment the satisfaction of DocuWare customers all over the world.

The interview was conducted by Wiebke Bortnik, Director Product Marketing

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